Released versions of punx are available on PyPI.

If you have pip installed, then you can install:

$ pip install punx

The latest development versions of punx can be downloaded from the GitHub repository listed above:

$ cd /some/directory
$ git clone

To install in the standard Python location:

$ cd punx
$ pip install .
# -or-
$ python install

To install in user’s home directory:

$ python install --user

To install in an alternate location:

$ python install --prefix=/path/to/installation/dir



If you have installed previously with pip:

$ pip install -U --no-deps punx

assuming you have cloned as shown above:

$ cd /some/directory/punx
$ git pull
$ pip install -U --no-deps .

Optional Packages

Package URL
The pyRestTable package is only used for various reports.
If using the package as a library and developing your own custom reporting, this package is not required.